Ericka Nicole Malone is the CEO of Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment LLC along with her business partner Phillip Robinson. ERICKA NICOLE MALONE ENTERTAINMENT is a production company focused on the development, production/co-production and distribution of film, television and animated projects nationwide. Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment recently hosted the Indie Director’s Spotlight at the Sundance Film Festival Park City Live "The Cabin" on Main Street, which was rated one of the top 5 events at this past Sundance 2020.  She recently hosted The Indie Director’s Spotlight. Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment marked their debut into the festival circuit and also represented as a head panelist among other members with this event. In addition to sharing her career journey as a Writer, Producer, and Director, Ericka Nicole Malone also highlighted the innate talent of many directors in the film industry, such as acclaimed Straight Out Of Brooklyn & Inkwell director Matty Rich. The event was presented by Powerful-U and Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment, and saw the presence of popular celebrities in attendance.

UPCOMING ERICKA NICOLE MALONE ENTERTAINMENT PROJECTS: As host and head panelist, Ericka Nicole Malone shared her career catapulted a playwright writing, directing and producing over nine stage plays including, her hit touring musical stage play "In Love With Tyrone;" Which starred Notable actors Leon & Robin Givens, ascension into screenwriting was as Creator and Executive Producer of the television sitcom pilot, "Ward of the State", A story of a rich heiress is forced to move in with her middle class daughter after her fourth suddenly husband dies and leaves her penniless. Ward of the State helms the iconic Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Aloma Wright (Suits) and Vanessa Williams (Soul Food.) Ericka’s newest work a one-hour TV Drama ‘Della;‘ and upcoming film optioned by acclaimed Producer Tracey Edmonds’ production company, Edmonds Entertainment, ‘Pure and Meaningful Heart’ — The Mamie Till Story. Ericka Nicole Malone is leaving her unique and indelible footprint on Hollywood and leaving the door cracked wide open for other new and emerging talented Black writers to emerge.

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Includes 1 Minute Sizzle - Ward Of The State to the backstage interviews. Watch the original In Love With Tyrone clip






WARD OF THE STATE - is a fun half-hour comedy series set in Pasadena, California. It takes a comedic look at the daily social issues of a professional African-American family including dating and marriage and important economic issues.




Musical dramedy “In Love With Tyrone” will give audiences a rare and unique perspective on a Black Family with its contemporary issues and struggles.




Writer/Executive P.

She is a ‘quadruple-threat’ as an actress, writer, director and producer, which up to this point, has been a man’s territory. You’ve seen Tyler Perry’s hilarious work and David Talbert’s gripping plays, but the buzz of an emergence of a female voice is beginning to be heard around the country.