Ericka Nicole Malone

"Ward of the State"

In my 25-year history as a Writer, Director and Producer, I have never been more challenged and more inspired than writing and producing my new TV sitcom, “Ward of the State”.  I think one of the reasons is because I have worked with some of the most amazing and artistic people.  I think when you approach each knew project with a sense of expectation, you gain something very unique from the experience.  What I gained was my expanded belief in a much larger vision of myself.  I understand the need and importance of the family on television and it’s vital place in the tapestry of American lifeTelevision is not only entertainment, but it is and has always been a catalyst for information, inspiration and finally, change.  No other medium has the power to influence like television, so the responsibility of creating shows that reflect our communities and inspire them is an obligation.   “Ward of the State” is a look into a Black family that just like any American family, is filled with flaws and imperfections, but the innate ability for them to laugh at themselves, help them to endure it all.  I appreciate you for coming with me on this journey, not only theatrically, but now in Television. Thank you….