Ericka Nicole Malone

Writer/Executive Producer

While many college students make ends meet by flipping burgers, Ericka Nicole Malone paid her undergraduate tuition by writing and producing theatrical plays. She sold $3 tickets to her college shows to the tune of thousands of students. By the time she left Western Kentucky University, she was already a seasoned actress, director, producer and playwright.

Not surprisingly, Malone has always wanted to do big things. “One of the things I saw was a lot of directors that were men and writers that were men, but not a lot that were women," Malone recalls. “I guess that kind of compelled me to want to represent women in that way in theater.  Compared to a period or historic play, Ericka enjoys depicting modern life and everyday people.”

"I prefer theater that is very current, very alive, and almost like a snapshot of what is going on in some peoples' daily life," Malone says. "What's most challenging is making sure that I'm being authentic. Not just writing with my biased opinion of what “Ericka” thinks, but really talking to people and really representing what the people want on stage."

She is a ‘quadruple-threat’ as an actress, writer, director and producer, which up to this point, has been a man’s territory. You’ve seen Tyler Perry’s hilarious work and David Talbert’s gripping plays, but the buzz of an emergence of a female voice is beginning to be heard around the country. Ericka Nicole Malone has written, directed and produced more than nine stage plays including “I Feel Like Praising Him” and “You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down.”

Her hilarious writing style and ability to connect with her audience makes Ericka an unmistakable figure in American theater. Ericka’s knack to reach men and women in the crowd through tears and laughter is only second to her own unique talent on stage. Her depth of substance and vintage humor brings you back to the days when comedy was truly funny and pierced your soul.

Ericka Nicole Malone’s tenth stage play, “In Love With Tyrone”, is preparing for a Broadway run in 2016.  Ericka’s latest venture as Executive Producer of a new television sitcom, “Ward of the State” starring the phenomenal Janet Hubert (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Aloma Wright (Scrubs) and Vanessa Williams (Soul Food), was produced as a pilot in the summer of 2015.  Now emerging as a Television Writer and Executive Producer, Ericka Nicole Malone is introducing her innate talent and writing ability to the world.

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