Ericka Nicole Malone

2019 Patek Philippe Watches Latest Styles

At the time when the 2019 Basel Watch Fair was generally considered to be less topical, Patek Philippe was still wonderful. Not only did many popular models launch new products, but also new models made their way to perfection, and a new movement with two new features was released. model. When the functionality of the entire watch exhibition is becoming weaker and weaker, the attention is not as good as before, and most brands tend to be conservative. Patek Philippe still does not change its original intention to design new watches, but also looks like a demeanor.

 Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726 Blue

Hey, itã ¢lue! Nautilus 5726 finally launched the blue-faced this year. At the 40th anniversary of Nautilus, two blue-faced limited-edition watches were launched, which made everyone nervous. Now the blue surface is still burning, 5726 also joined the blue surface of the new force 5726/1A-014, using the blue and black gradation of Nautilus in the early 1976, and the original gray surface 5726/1A-001 and white surface 5726/1A- 010 will also be discontinued this year, the more you look at the blue-faced 5726/1A-014, it is really unbelievable!

Patek Philippe Vintage 5172G-001

In 2019, 5172 went on the market, and then the 5170 series was discontinued. No matter the platinum rose gold, the 5170 that is still on the market will be sold out very quickly. If you want to buy, you need to speed up. The replacement for it is 5172. In addition to changing the faceplate to a textured dark blue, the case and the lugs are changed to a stepped design, and the timing button is replaced with a more classic mushroom shape. The movement is still the most reliable chronograph movement CH 29-535 PS. Combined with the more classic shape design, it will definitely inspire the love of Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe 5520P-001 GMT Alarm Watch

The 5524 Calatrava pilot watch, which was controversial at the time of its launch, has become increasingly popular in the past two years, and Patek Philippe has also expanded its new features this year. The 5520G retains two time indications and adds an alarm function. In particular, most alarm clocks arrive at the same time, no matter whether it is day or night, Patek Philippe's new movement AL 30-660 S C FUS specially developed for the 5520G can be set to sound during the day or night. The alarm time is especially displayed in the window number, which is especially clear. The alarm mechanism uses a gong and a hammer to sound, and is equipped with a governor of the same size as the three-question watch. The practical one is a great enjoyment of hearing.

Patek Philippe 5231J-001 World Time Watch

The vintage Patek Philippe World Time Zone watch, which draws maps on the face of the watch, has always been the darling of the auction market. Therefore, the brand launched the 5131 with the world map faceplate in 2008, and the 5231J version will be launched in 2019. Still carrying the Cal. 240-Hu movement, but the map on its face changed from the Arctic Circle to the map of Europe, America and Africa, and the bezel is wider and flatter. Continuing the excellent lineage, it can be expected that the 5231J will become a hot market in the second-hand market like the 5131.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G-010 Green

Patek Philippe Aquanaut is still hot! In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series in 2017, after the launch of the 5168G-001 of the platinum blue surface, the change in 2019 is to change the color. Join the popular green color new color 5168G-010 this year, which is officially called khaki. The green color makes Aquanaut's original sporty sense. Although the launch of this green Aquanaut 5168G-010, but the blue 5168G-001 will still not stop production, the two will also exist in the watch series, regardless of whether you can buy or not, it is a gospel for watch fans!

Patek Philippe 7300/1450R-001 diamonds watch

Patek Philippe launched the new Twenty-4 watch last year. Each bezel is set with diamonds. One of the rose gold straps also has some diamonds, but the real luxury version is only until the 2019 watch show. appear. All add up to a total of 3,238 diamonds, about 17.21 carats. Diamonds of various sizes are covered with a bevel, a strap and a faceplate, allowing the diamonds to complement the rose gold case. Luxurious and extravagant.